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General Information & World Religions

Association of Religious Data Archives (The ARDA)

Includes American and international data collections.based in Pennsylvania State University., this is the closest thing to a religious census. Also includes an excellent news and research section on religious issues of current interest.

BBC: Religions

Find out more about the world's different religions. This page has been archived and is no longer being updated, but you may still find some useful information.

DK Find Out

An illustrated resource for kids about any topic, including religion.

Learn Religions

A subsidiary of Dotdash. Resources on religion and spirituality.


Information on world religions and spirituality, including religious history and commentary on current events from multiple viewpoints. Ecumenical, but with a Christian slant.

Pew Research Center: Religion and Public Life

Articles, videos, demographics, polling and analysis of religion and society worldwide.

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Website originally derived from a PBS series that examined the role of ethics and religion in current news topics. Extensive video archive.

Religion Facts: just the facts on religion

Nondenominational information on religion, comparative religion, and religious topics.Interesting charts.

Religion-TED talks

A collection of TED talks and articles on the topic of religion.

World Religion News

News, discussion, and opinion about all world religions from Agnostic to Wiccan. Articles, videos.


Bible Hub

Interdenominational Christian site with good and easily accessible study tools and resources including Atlases, Concordance, Multilingual Bibles, Devotionals,study resources in Topical, Hebrew , and Greek, and much more. User friendly and available as free app.

Blue Letter Bible

Search the Bible using terms or verses and locate their sources in several different editions.  Includes Bible study resources.

Information on Catholic belief and practice, topics and current events within Catholicism.

Christian Science

Introduction to basic teachings, history, organization and practice of Christian Science.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Teachings, resources and news of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Includes The Book of Mormon and study aids.

Friends General Conference

Provides resources for people interested in the Quaker way.  Includes information on history, Quaker meetings, organization of the Quakers, Quaker views on pacifism  and frequently asked questions.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Information on teachings, activities and organization of Jehovah’s witnesses.  Includes frequently asked questions.

National Council of Churches

The largest ecumenical organization of churches in the United States, including mainline Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox,Evangelical, historic African-American, and Living Peace denominations.Active in social and political advocacy.

New Testament Gateway

Directory of Internet resources on the New Testament.  Emphasizes academic study of the New Testament and historical origins.

Seventh Day Adventist

Information on this Protestant Christian denomination known for its belief in the seventh day (Saturday) as the Sabbath, the imminent coming of Christ, and an emphasis on the whole person- health, lifestyle, and diet.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Introduction to beliefs, principles and worship of the Unitarian Universalist Association, as well as information on social justice efforts.

The Vatican

Available in French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Italian and Chinese.  Portal to the Holy See.  Includes encyclicals, speeches, travels of the Pope and photos.  Search the Vatican Library and Museum.

World Council of Churches

World-wide organization of churches, includes most of the world's Orthodox churches, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed churches, as well as many United and Independent churches. While the bulk of the WCC's founding churches were European and North American, today most member churches are in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific. Coordinates ecumenical, evangelical, service, and social action.


Library of resources on Islamic beliefs, history and Quran.  Includes Sunni and Shi’a resources.

Encyclopedia Britannica:Islam

Excellent in-depth article on Islam,its history, doctrines, and practices.

International Association of Sufism

Introduces Sufi beliefs and practices in all its varied forms.

Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America

Information on halal food products, ingredients, nutritional products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other consumer products.

My Halal Kitchen

Includes recipes, videos, Halal substitutions and guidelines, holiday and cultural material

The Noble Quran

Quran presented verse by verse in Arabic and English, with audio vocalization. Beautiful presentation for learning.

Quran Explorer

E-Audio files of Quran recitation and translation online in Arabic, English, and Urdu and also a portal to everything Islamic.

The Religion of Islam

Brief, informative articles about different aspects of Islam.


A comprehensive traditional Jewish content website.

Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network

Jewish Children's Learning Network, a comprehensive resource for prayers, stories and rituals of Judaism, written in simple language for children and their families.

Center for Jewish History

A cultural institution, independent research facility and destination for the exploration of Jewish history and heritage. Good resource for researching family history.

Information on history, mission, Jewish practice and values of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.  Includes practical tips for daily living and celebrations.

Jewish Virtual Library

Searchable library of information on Jewish biography, history and Jewish art.  Particular emphasis on Israeli-U.S. relations.  Includes maps and travel information.

Jewish Book Council

Sponsors Jewish Book Month and National Jewish Book Month.Includes essays, resources for book clubs, and author interviews.

Jewish Women's Archive

World’s largest collection on information about Jewish women includes an encyclopedia, blog, podcasts, and book club.

Judaism 101

An online encyclopedia covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs.

My Jewish Learning

Offers articles, videos and other resources to help you navigate all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life — from food to history to beliefs and practices

National Library of Israel: Digital Library

Jewish Press collection. Many other digitized collections.

Orthodox Union

Website of the Orthodox Union, leader in kosher certification. Includes information on Jewish life, holidays and current topics. Current kosher alerts.

Basics of Reform Judaism and the Reform movement.  Includes rituals, culture, holidays and Reform views on social justice and Israel.


A free living library of Jewish texts in Hebrew and English translation.

Traditional Jewish educational material and Torah archives.



Information on the Bahá'í faith, principles and organizing vision of the founder.  Includes responses to frequently asked questions on beliefs, worship and views on the human condition.

Belief Net

A lifestyle website dedicated to religious and spiritual inspiration of all denominations to encourage a happier and more meaningful life.


Buddhist education and information network including Buddhist studies, directory of global organizations.  Electronic access to downloadable e-books and files on Buddhist meditation, history and art.

BuddhaNet: Kids

Stories, games, and activities about Buddhism for kids.

Center of Traditional Taoist Studies

Information on the classical teachings of ancient Taoism: philosophy, religious instruction, holistic fitness and mediation.

Confucianism| Asia Society

History, philosophy, and practice of Confucianism, as well as many related articles. Good source for all Asian religions.

The Dalai Lama

Official website of the Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Includes teachings, messages, biographical information, and photo gallery.


International clearinghouse for Buddhist study and practice.  Hosts in-house databases and collections, as well as providing links to Buddhist resources world-wide.

Hindu American Foundation

Resources and information as well as current issues. Hinduism 101 for kids.

Hinduism: BBC

Information on Hinduism with links to many other websites related to Hindu studies and practices.


Provides basic reference and personal stories on Jainism and its relevance today.

The Secular Web

Online collection of literature on the philosophy of religion, religious skepticism, atheism and naturalism. Articles, essays, reviews, humor and satire.

Sikhism: Religion of the Sikh People

Culture, history, and scripture of Sikhism.

Spirituality & Practice

A multifaith website with resources for a spiritual path.

URI Kids: World Religions

Inclusive interfaith cooperation site provides an explanation of religions, as well as an introduction to many religions including Jains, Sikhs, Confucianism, Indigenous, Shinto, and more.Not just for kids.


Last updated March 3, 2020