BCCLS : Staff Directory : John F. Kennedy Memorial Library

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
92 Hathaway Street, Wallington, NJ 07057
Phone: 973-471-1692 ; FAX: 973-471-1387


Benz, Tonette Library Assistant     973-471-1692   tonette.benz@wallington.bccls.org  

Dunsheath, Marlene Youth Services Coordinator     973-471-1692   marlene.dunsheath@wallington.bccls.org  

Feneck, Cathy Library Assistant     973-471-1692    

Kowalski, Susan Supervising Library Assistant     973-471-1692   susan.kowalski@wallington.bccls.org  

Sadecka, Alicja Page     973-471-1692    

Smith, Linda Library Assistant     973-471-1692   linda.smith@wallington.bccls.org  

Stamper, Robert Custodian     973-471-1692    

Willms, Marianne R. Director     973-471-1692   willms@wallington.bccls.org  

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