BCCLS : Staff Directory : Roseland Free Public Library

Roseland Free Public Library
20 Roseland Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068
Phone: 973-226-8636 ; FAX: 973-226-6429


Cascio, Zac PT Library Assistant     973-226-8636   zac.cascio@roseland.bccls.org  

Dyer, Brian Circulation     973-226-8636   brianpatrickdyer@gmail.com  

Gamba, Theresa Director of Operations     973-226-8636   theresa.gamba@roseland.bccls.org  

Jaegel, Tami PT Library Assistant     973-226-8636   tami.jaegel@roseland.bccls.org  

Janulis, Effie Public Relations and Marketing     973-226-8636   effieroselandlibrary@gmail.com  

Kovacs, Ernst Page-P/T Circulation     973-226-8636   e1a2j3k4@yahoo.com  

Martorelli, Cheryl PT Library Assistant     973-226-8636   cheryl.martorelli@roseland.bccls.org  

Michelsen, Sandra Technical Services     973-226-8636   sandra.michelsen@roseland.bccls.org  

Overton, Jen Acting Director     973-226-8636   overton@roseland.bccls.org  

Pruden, Jill P/T Reference Librarian     973-226-8636   jill.pruden@roseland.bccls.org  

Puli, Daisi PT Library Assistant     973-226-8636   daisi.puli@roseland.bccls.org  

Ramdin, Victoria PT Library Assistant     973-226-8636   victoria.ramdin@roseland.bccls.org  

Seiner, Lauren PT Library Assistant     973-226-8636   losp1180@yahoo.com  

Zachary Zembower Page/P/T Circulation     973-226-8636   zachary.zembower@roseland.bccls.org  

Zhao, Helen Page     973-226-8636   helenzhao69@gmail.com  

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