BCCLS : Staff Directory : Ridgefield Park Public Library

Ridgefield Park Public Library
107 Cedar Street, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
Phone: 201-641-0689 ; FAX: 201-440-1058


Camargo, Yolanda Library Assistant        

Fagnan, Deborah Head of Children's Services     201-641-0689   deborah.fagnan@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

Fitzpatrick, Siobhan Reference/YA Coordinator     201-641-0689   siobhan.fitzpatrick@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

Garcia, Amalia Library Assistant        

Harris, Karen Administrative Assistant     201-641-0689   Karen.Harris@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

Kane, Maggie Library Assistant        

Khan, Omar F. Director     201-641-0689   khan@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

Kowalchuck, Margaret Library Assistant        

Laverty, Tammy Library Assistant        

McGee, Tom Custodian        

Moylan, Dylan Library Assistant        

Ramos Eros Page        

Rose-McEntee, Donna Local History Coordinator     201-641-0689   donna.mcentee@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

Rumi, Delilah Library Assistant        

Sweikow, Suzanne Children's Programming Assistant     201-641-0689   suzanne.sweikow@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

Velez, Carol Office Manager     201-641-0689   carol.velez@ridgefieldpark.bccls.org  

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