BCCLS : Staff Directory : Paramus Public Library

Paramus Public Library
116 East Century Road, Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone: 201-599-1300 ; FAX: 201-599-0059


Abbamont, Barbara Finance/Admin Assistant     201-599-1300   barbara@paramuslibrary.org  

Blatt, Hanna Sr. Ref. Librarian     201-599-1305   blatt@paramus.bccls.org  

Cangialosi, Tracey Prin. Library Assistant, Technical Services     201-599-1308    

Danhart, Valerie Supervisor, Circulation Department     201-599-1304   danhart@paramus.bccls.org  

Duggan, Marianne Supervisor, Technical Services     201-599-1308   duggan@paramus.bccls.org  

Eng, Catherine Supervisor, Reid Branch Library     201-444-4911   cteng@paramuslibrary.org  

Gandolfini, Patricia Sr. Library Asst. Circulation     201-599-1302    

Hill, Janice Assistant to Director/Finance     201-599-1300   Janice@paramuslibrary.org  

Jonus, Beth Assist. Supervisor, Circulation     201-599-1302   jonus@paramus.bccls.org  

Kalman, Sharon Supervisor, Youth Services     201-599-1309   kalman@paramus.bccls.org  

Karpoff, Becky Youth/Adult Services Librarian     201-599-1309   becky.karpoff@paramus.bccls.org  

LoPinto, Leonard Library Director     201-599-1300   lopinto@paramus.bccls.org  

Miller, Anne Youth Services Librarian     201-599-1309   miller@paramus.bccls.org  

Mitchel, Matthew Adult Services/Outreach Librarian     201-599-1305   matthew@bccls.org  

Parker, Shelley Sr. Library Asst. Youth Services     201-599-1309   paramusparker@gmail.com  

Perkosky, Donna PR/Special Projects Coordinator     201-599-1307   donna.perkosky@paramus.bccls.org  

Petouvis, Lorna Assistant to Director/Administration     201-599-1300   lorna@paramuslibrary.org  

Sorkin, Miriam Sr. Library Asst. Circulation     201-599-1302    

Soto, Alexa Sr. Library Asst. Youth Services     201-599-1309   alexa.soto@paramus.bccls.org  

Tarabocchia, Deborah Librarian, Reid Branch Library     201-444-4911   deborah.tarabocchia@paramus.bccls.org  

Tenewitz, Christie Adult Services/Adult Programming Librarian     201-599-1305   christie.tenewitz@paramus.bccls.org  

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