BCCLS : Staff Directory : Maywood Public Library

Maywood Public Library
459 Maywood Avenue, Maywood, NJ 07607
Phone: 201-845-2915 ; FAX: 201-845-7387


Armstrong, Adaria Library Assistant     201-845-2915   adaria.armstrong@maywood.bccls.org  

Brescia, Anne Circulation     201-845-2915   anne.brescia@maywood.bccls.org  

Demaio, Irma Library Assistant     201-845-2915   irma.demaio@maywood.bccls.org  

Fisher, Danielle Youth Services Librarian     201-845-2915   danielle.fisher@maywood.bccls.org  

Gilligan, Mary Library Assistant     201-845-2915   mary.gilligan@maywood.bccls.org  

Harrison, Jennifer Library Assistant     201-845-2915   jennifer.harrison@maywood.bccls.org  

Horvath, Patrice Youth Services Assistant     201-845-2915   patrice.horvath@maywood.bccls.org  

Hull, Caitlin Director     201-845-2915   hull@maywood.bccls.org  

Ouda-Onyango, Penina Library Assistant     201-845-2915   penina.ouda-onyango@maywood.bccls.org  

Pyskaty, Mary Library Assistant, Tech Svcs     201-845-2915   mary.pyskaty@maywood.bccls.org  

Satish, Durga Bookkeeper     201-845-2915   durga.satish@maywood.bccls.org  

Talasazan, Sharona Library Assistant     201-845-2915   sharona.talasazan@maywood.bccls.org  

Zalenski, Kathy Librarian, Adult Svcs     201-845-2915   kathy.zalenski@maywood.bccls.org  

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