BCCLS : Staff Directory : Leonia Public Library

Leonia Public Library
227 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ 07605
Phone: 201-592-5770 ; FAX: 201-592-5775


Barnes, Jane Manager of Daily Operations and Circulation     201-592-5774   jane.barnes@leonia.bccls.org  

Bender, Elizabeth Assistant Director/Children's Librarian     201-592-5777   elizabeth.bender@leonia.bccls.org  

Carnatz, Madeline Administrative Assistant and Technical Services     201-592-5770   madeline.carnatz@leonia.bccls.org  

Elysse Fink YA/Adult Services Librarian     201-592-5770 Ext.206   elysse.fink@leonia.bccls.org  

Higgins, Lisa Bookkeeper     201-592-5774   lisa.higgins@leonia.bccls.org  

Latham, Matthew Director     201-592-5776   latham@leonia.bccls.org  

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