BCCLS : Staff Directory : Louis Bay 2nd Library

Louis Bay 2nd Library
345 Lafayette Avenue, Hawthorne, NJ 07506
Phone: 973-427-5745 ; FAX: 973-427-5269


Cosenza, Kevin Librarian - Adult Services     973-427-5745 x14   kevin.cosenza@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Delaney, Christine Library Assistant - Children's Services     973-427-5745   christine.delaney@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Ellerbrook, Aimee Library Assistant - Circulation     973-427-5745   aimee.ellerbrook@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Fletcher, Amy Head of Technical Services     973-427-5745 x18   amy.fletcher@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Gerard, Gina Librarian - Adult Services     973-427-5745 x30   gina.gerard@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Hammrich, Alessandra Library Assistant - Children's Services     973-427-5745   alessandra.hammrich@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Hollis, Wendy Head of Children's Services     973-427-5745 x21   wendy.hollis@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Hook, Corinne Library Assistant - Circulation     973-427-5745   corinne.hook@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Keebler, Adam Library Associate - Adult Services     973-427-5745 x11   adam.keebler@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Konyak, Leslie Library Assistant - Circulation     973-427-5745   leslie.konyak@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Meagher, Debbie Library Associate - Children's Services     973-427-5745 x20   debbie.meagher@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Molinaro, Dee Library Associate - Circulation     973-427-5745   dee.molinaro@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Mollica, Kathleen Librarian - Adult Services     973-427-5745 x32   kathleen.molica@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Olivier, Claire Library Assistant - Circulation     973-427-5745   claire.olivier@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Rees, Marilyn Head of Circulation     973-427-5745 x10   marilyn.rees@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Ryerson, Lee Ann Library Associate - Children's Services     973-427-5745   leeann.ryerson@hawthorne.bccls.org  

Smith, Monica A. Director     973-427-5745 x12   smith@hawthorne.bccls.org  

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