BCCLS : Staff Directory : Hoboken Public Library

Hoboken Public Library
500 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-420-2280 ; FAX: 201-420-2299


Schwab, Heidi Adult Programming/Emergency Technology Coordinator     201-420-2347   heidi.schwab@hoboken.bccls.org  

Aleman, Donna Library Assistant Circulation     201-420-2280    

Chapka, Michael Facilities Director     201-420-2346   michael.chapka@hoboken.bccls.org  

Chavez, Sacha Library Assistant - Reference     201-420-2347    

Diorio, Stephanie Reference Librarian     201-420-2347   stephanie.diorio@hoboken.bccls.org  

Fernandez, Katie Children's Department Head     201-420-2348   katie.fernandez@hoboken.bccls.org  

Figuera, Daren Building Service Worker - Maintenance     201-420-2346    

Fischetto, Pat Library Assistant - Circulation     201-420-2280    

Fitzsimmons, Faith Library Secretary     201-420-5635   faith.fitzsimmons@hoboken.bccls.org  

Flynn, Megan Library Assistant - Children's Department     201-420-2348    

Gilyard, Deborah Senior Library Assistant - Circulation     201-420-2280   deborah.gilyard@hoboken.bccls.org  

Harris, Aimee Reference Dept. Head     201-420-2347   aimee.harris@hoboken.bccls.org  

Hartwick, Carolyn Accounting Clerk     201-420-5634   carolyn.hartwick@hoboken.bccls.org  

Knittel, Laura Outreach Coordinator     201-420-2347   laura.knittel@hoboken.bccls.org  

Martinez, Angel Building Maintenance Worker        

Martorana, Gloria Library Assistant - Children's     201-420-2348    

Medina, Melissa Senior Library Assistant - Children's     201-420-2348   melissa.medina@hoboken.bccls.org  

Mendez, Philip Senior Library Assistant - Reference     201-420-2347   philip.mendez@hoboken.bccls.org  

Podles, Lina Director     201-420-2346   podles@hoboken.bccls.org  

Sanguinetti, Raul Security        

Schwartz, Karl Youth Services Librarian     201-420-2348   karl.schwartz@hoboken.bccls.org  

Susan Flynn Library Assistant     201-420-2280    

Valle, Michael Library Assistant       michelle.valle@hoboken.bccls.org  

Van Ingen, Rosary Head of Circulation Dept     201-420-2280   rosary.vaningen@hoboken.bccls.org  

Ventura, Bladimir Security Guard     201-420-2280    

Victoria Turk Reference Librairan     201-420-2347   victoria.turk@hoboken.bccls.org  

Vrendenberg, Beth Children's Librarian     201-420-2348   beth.vrendenberg@hoboken.bccls.org  

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