BCCLS : Staff Directory : Garfield Free Public Library

Garfield Free Public Library
500 Midland Avenue, Garfield, NJ 07026
Phone: 973-478-3800 ; FAX: 973-478-7162



Jackson, Linda Sr. Library Assistant     973-478-3800 ext 20   linda.jackson@garfield.bccls.org  

Jennings, Mary Jo Director     973-478-3800 ext 14   jennings@garfield.bccls.org  

Lasky, Robin Library Assistant       robin.lasky@garfield.bccls.org  

Lydon, Leann Adult Services Librarian       leann.lydon@garfield.bccls.org  

Magielnicki, Lauren Children's Librarian     973-478-3800 ext 13   lauren.magielnicki@garfield.bccls.org  

Piro, Pamela Library Assistant     973-478-3800 ext 11   pam.piro@garfield.bccls.org  

Shupenko, Diane Library Assistant     973-478-3800 ext 10   diane.shupenko@garfield.bccls.org  

Sokulski, Edward Building Maintenance P/T        

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