BCCLS : Staff Directory : Elmwood Park Public Library

Elmwood Park Public Library
210 Lee Street, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Phone: 201-796-8888 ; FAX: 201-703-1425


DeRubeis, Judy Library Assistant        

Giammanco, Nicole Library Assistant        

Lazidis, Jennifer Librarian     201-796-8888 x502   jennifer.lazidis@elmwoodpark.bccls.org  

Neary, Kevin Supervisor     201-796-8888 x503   kevin.neary@elmwoodpark.bccls.org  

Ovadia, Naomi Library Assistant        

Raghoobar, Christopher Library Assistant        

Ross, Leanne Children's Program Coordinator       leanne.ross@elmwoodpark.bccls.org  

Sudol, Maria Library Assistant        

Witkowski, Greg Custodian        

Yan, Louise Director     201-796-8888   yan@elmwoodpark.bccls.org  

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