BCCLS : Staff Directory : Edgewater Free Public Library

Edgewater Free Public Library
49 Hudson Avenue, Edgewater, NJ 07020
Phone: 201-224-6144 ; FAX: 201-886-3395


Boyer, Maurice Part-Time Library Assistant     201-224-6144   maurice.boyer@montclair.bccls.org  

Bussanich, Patrick Part-Time Library Assistant     201-224-6144   patrick.bussanich@edgewater.bccls.org  

Corona, Linda Director     201.224.6144 ext. 11   corona@edgewater.bccls.org  

Feuer, Jamey Head of Youth Services     201.224.6144 ext. 14   jamey.feuer@edgewater.bccls.org  

Jurek, Kelly F/T Library Assistant/Senior Accounting Clerk     201.224.6144 ext. 15   kelly.jurek@edgewater.bccls.org  

Keyser, Zachary Part-Time Library Assistant     201-224-6144   zachary.keyser@edgewater.bccls.org  

Ly, Leanne Part-Time Library Assistant     201-224-6144   leanne.ly@edgewater.bccls.org  

Masri, Faten Full-Time Library Assistant     201-224-6144   faten.masri@edgewater.bccls.org  

Meagher, Elaine Part-Time Library Assistant     201-224-6144   elainemeagher@yahoo.com  

Merse, Suzanne Supervising Library Assistant     201.224.6144 ext.10   suzanne.merse@edgewater.bccls.org  

Miller, Patricia Full-time Library Assistant     201-224-6144 ext.12   patricia.miller@edgewater.bccls.org  

Paris, Andrew Senior Librarian     201-224-6144 ext. 21   andrew.paris@edgewater.bccls.org  

Price, Susan Full-Time Library Associate     201.224.6144 ext. 13   susan.price@edgewater.bccls.org  

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