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3M Cloud Library

The cloudLibrary app is one of the resources accessible to BCCLS patrons from which you can borrow ebooks and eaudiobooks. Materials from cloudLibrary can be used on supported tablets, phones, and ereaders, including:

Getting started is easy...

Step 1

Download the app.

Download the cloudLibrary App from your device's app store or via the links below.

Step 2

Log into your library.

Using the drop down menu, select United States, New Jersey, BCCLS, and enter your library card number and PIN/Password. Be sure that your library account is in good standing. Agree to the terms and log in.

Step 3

Browse, check out and read.

Now you are ready to browse, check out ebooks or eaudiobooks from the app or the BCCLS catalog, and read.

Step 4

Transfer e-books.

If you have an e-reader use the PC or Mac App to load the ebook through a USB connection.


CloudLibrary titles are integrated into the BCCLS catalog.  This means that you can check out or place a hold on a cloudLibrary ebook or eaudiobook directly from the BCCLS catalog.  Additionally, you can return items and cancel holds through your library account.

To identify a cloudLibrary item in the catalog, look for the cloudLibrary icon next to a title in your search results.    

3M Integration

Log into your library account and click on the Check Out or Place Hold option to check out or place a hold on a cloudLibrary item.

Be sure that your email address is included in your library card account so that you will be notified when your hold becomes available. 

From your library account, you can...

Need Help?

CloudLibrary provides an excellent online resource to help you learn more.  The cloudLibrary support site is your portal to download the apps, view instructional videos, and get more how-to information on specific devices. 

Click here to access the Cloud Library support site.

+ Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloudLibrary?

CloudLibrary is a resource for downloadable ebooks and eaudiobooks.  It is primarily geared towards tablets (iOS and Android), but can be transferred to a dedicated ereader, such as a Nook or Kobo.  At this time, cloudLibrary is not available for most Kindle devices.

What do I need to do to get started with cloudLibrary?

In order to read the ebooks or listen to the eaudiobooks available from the eBCCLS cloudLibrary, you will need to download the free cloudLibrary app for your device or computer, and have a current library card in good standing and PIN/Password.

Where do I download the cloudLibrary app?

The FREE cloudLibrary app is available from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Google Play for Android devices, and, if transferring an ebook to a dedicated ereader (Nook Touch, Nook Color, Kobo) the Windows and MAC app from

Which devices are compatible?

CloudLibrary currently works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook, Kobo and Android tablets and phones.  Please note that this is not a comprehensive list but rather a list of devices that cloudLibrary has tested with their system to ensure that they are compatible.  CloudLibrary ebooks can also be read on a Windows or MAC personal computer.  Additionally, the cloudLibrary app can be installed on the Kindle Fire - please click here for instructions.

Can I access a cloudLibrary item across multiple devices?

Yes, once checked out to your account, an item can be accessed on up to 6 devices.

If I'm reading or listening to a cloudLibrary item on more than one device, will the cloudLibrary keep track of where I left off?

Yes, if your device is connected to the Internet, cloudLibrary will keep track of progress, bookmarks, and any notes you may have added.

Can I download eaudiobooks from the cloudLibrary?

Yes, cloudLibrary has a growing selection of eaudiobooks.

Where can I go if I need help?

CloudLibrary has created an excellent online resource to assist. This resource can be found at

The cloudLibrary support site contains an overview of the service, instructional videos, and a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

If you still need help, patrons and staff can complete this support form for assistance.

Do I need to know my Adobe Digital Editions ID?

If you are using a tablet, the cloudLibrary will detect your Adobe ID.  If using a dedicated e-reader, you may be prompted to enter your Adobe ID. 

What is my Adobe Digital Editions ID?

The Adobe Digital Editions ID is usually the email address and password you used when setting up the account on the Adobe website where you initially applied for an Adobe Digital Editions ID. If you cannot remember your password, you can request assistance from Adobe at this website.

Do I need to use the Adobe Digital Editions software?

No, it is not necessary to use the ADE software.  Ebooks are downloaded directly to your device or transferred through the cloudLibrary PC app.

Do you need a library card and Password/PIN?

Yes, your library card number and Password/PIN are required to login to cloudLibrary and borrow ebooks and eaudiobooks.

Can I browse the cloudLibrary BCCLS ebook collection through the web, without downloading the apps?

You can see the eBCCLS cloudLibrary ebook collection by clicking on this link.  Please note that you can not only browse and check out titles from the web, but you can also read or listen right in your browser.

How do I find cloudLibrary items in the BCCLS catalog?

CloudLibrary items are easily identifiable in the BCCLS catalog.  Look for the cloudLibrary icon:


How many cloudLibrary items can I have checked out at any one time?

You can have up to 5 titles checked out at any one time.

How many cloudLibrary items can I have on hold at any one time?

You can have up to 5 titles on hold at any one time.

What is the loan period for a cloudLibrary item?

14 days

How long will a cloudLibrary item be held for me once I've been notified that the hold is available?

3 days (72 hours) from when the email is sent.

Can I return cloudLibrary items early?

Yes, cloudLibrary items can be returned through your library account, PC app, and the iOS or Android app.

Can I renew a cloudLibrary item?

At this time, it is not possible to renew a cloudLibrary title.  Once the loan period has expired, the item will go to the next person on the hold queue.  If there are no patrons waiting for the item and you wish to continue reading or listening, you will need to go through the check out process again.

What if I still have questions?

Please click here to fill out a support form and we will be happy to assist you.

For additional assistance, click here to fill out a support form or send an email to